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This project had stalled a while back. I wanted to complete the project with a database to complete the project and add more features to the project. The project was my first work into Visual C Sharp. I had some experience working with VB6 . But none in Visual

The project rely helped me learn the language and make mistakes. The idea come from a server that was under constant attack from the Internet and a DMZ(demilitarized zone) was not provided for . The idea was to keep the server off line during non-working hours.

I started with a script , a batch file schedules to run at certain times and a magic packet application running on a separate server to wake the server up. I thought that those two functionalities would better be suited to run on the same application therefore the idea to make the application was born.

Still have some things to do but all in all I am better at programming now than i was a year ago Dec 2012. When I started the project after being bored in during the Christmas holiday and with too much time to spare.

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